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Q: How can you offer such a low price? Is your fuel lower quality?

A: Absolutely not! Best Price Oil is the same high quality heating oil you would receive from our full-service division, Service Oil Company. The only difference is that we only offer on-demand fuel delivery services, not equipment installations and services. That means we have a smaller staff with a lower overhead, which allows us to pass savings onto our customers.


Q: Is Best Price Oil available for automatic delivery?

A: Sorry, but no. However, if you’d like to begin receiving your heating oil or propane via automatic delivery, it’s readily available through Service Oil Company.


Q: So how do I know when to order a delivery?

A: Just check the level on your fuel tank. If it’s near or below 1/4 of the tank, order now. Your tank level should never be allowed to fall below 1/4 of the tank.


Q: How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

A: Under normal circumstances, your fuel should arrive by the following business day. In extreme weather conditions, this may change.


Q: My tank is empty! I need a delivery now! Can you help?

A: Yes, emergency deliveries are available. Please call 717-564-8237 to speak with someone who can help you right away. Do not use our online order form for emergency deliveries.


Q: Do I need to be home to accept a delivery?

A: Yes, if you want to pay the driver with cash. No, if you want to leave a check for the driver OR, you can pay by credit card when you order. Otherwise, you only have to be home to accept delivery if you ran out of fuel and require a system restart, or if your fill pipe can only be accessed from inside.


Q: Do you deliver to businesses?

A: We sure do. You can use the online order form like any residential customer, or call 717-564-8237 to discuss prices.


Q: How do I pay for a delivery On-Line?

A: Just click “Pay Online” then enter your Best Price Oil account number and submit your payment via credit or debit card.


Q: I see that your fuel prices have dropped since I placed my order? Can I pay the lower price instead?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot. In order to operate as an on-demand fuel delivery provider, Best Price Oil must regularly update its prices according to the current market value of heating oil and propane. Don’t worry, though. Fuel prices fluctuate pretty frequently, which means they could be even lower next time you make an order.